Below are testimonials from the anonymous surveys passed out at our during training.


“Ed went above and beyond to help us understand the material, which was the best way to meet our training needs.”

“The simplicity of the coding was easy to learn. Ed was great! The jacked was a great touch.”

“I feel the instructor had great knowledge.”

“This information will allow me to better serve our company!”

“I really enjoyed this class!”

“The overall course was exceptionally taught and demonstrated by Ed. Ed did a great job at personally helping those who were struggling.”

“I loved the breakdown and examples given. I’m gaining knowledge and skills for the future. I’m very satisfied with the course. I was prepared for the test and comfortable.”

“The instructor was detailed and patient. I’m very satisfied and prepared for the test.”

“Ed seemed to know what he was explaining to the group and he was able to answer our questions. It helped us see the difference in the way our MODAPTS were written before and to see how to better them.”

“The instructor took the time to make sure we really understood the material. He made me feel comfortable with each step.”

“Ed is very knowledgable in MODAPTS. I learned a ton of information!”

“I enjoyed that Ed explained everything in a practical manner.”

“This is a great tool for my career!”

“I was satisfied with this course and I’m confident with practice, this will become second nature.”

“This will enable me to define a standard process time. Ed was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the system. I’ve gained a new skill set!”

“This will really help us make better use of our LEAN strategies.”

“This was very beneficial for me as we go out to analyze operations and work for improvements from engineering.”

“Ed was very knowledgeable of all subject matter. I learned a lot!”

“The course was good and the methodology was explained very good.”

“Ed knows MODAPTS, he truly has an understanding of MODAPTS.”

“I was completely satisfied with the instructor and the explanation of the course was great.”

“I’m very satisfied with everything presented by the instructor.”

“The instructor was perfect, he has a lot of knowledge of the course.”

“Ed was clear, helpful, and enthusiastic.”