The MODAPTS MAN® is a character created by Ed Eisbrenner of Eisbrenner Productivity Group to help people more easily understand MODAPTS® and its application in the workplace. The MODAPTS MAN® is here to answer all of your MODAPTS® related questions in his video series on YouTube.modapts training

Committed to enhancing operational excellence through improved workforce effectiveness, Ed Eisbrenner understands that labor is the single most valuable and controllable manufacturing resource. By improving the way people perform and designing ergonomically correct workstations that reduce wasted motions— while also improving production methods— are proven methods for maximizing efficiency and enhancing a company’s bottom line.

Ed aka THE MODAPTS MAN® is a member of International MODAPTS® Association and a board-certified Green Belt MODAPTS® instructor. With over 20-years industrial engineering experience with Ford Motor Company, Ed is able to provide unique insights as to how MODAPTS® is applied to day-to-day operations. In addition to his experience with Ford, Ed has trained persons in multiple industries, teaching them how MODAPTS® is useful for their organization. From occupational therapists to non-profit organizations to multi-million dollar manufacturing companies: MODAPTS® is the language of work.

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Contact Ed Directly at ed@eisbrennerpg.com or call 440-225-9293.

Updated MODAPTS Diagram