by Ed Eisbrenner

In its ongoing study of the market, the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) Foundation sees many signs for optimism. MAPI notes strength from aerospace, capital goods, and chemicals bolsters U.S. manufacturing as a whole, even with uncertainties from growing protectionist policies in North America and a leadership change at the Federal Reserve.

From automotive to electronics to transportation to consumer products leaders around the world understand that it’s almost impossible for an economy to succeed without a strong manufacturing base. Today’s successful manufacturers understand their role in the global economy and know that success and staying power mandate much more than the simple production of goods.

With an average of 10,000 “baby boomers” retiring every day while more manufacturing business comes back to North America, executives know that keeping business here means that quality and keeping costs in line are paramount. When these best practices are fuelled by innovation, there’s no stopping the manufacturing sector’s growth. And this growth looks great, especially years of near stagnation.

America’s manufacturers will continue building up its strength despite the skilled labor storage because that is what manufacturing does in a supply and demand market: overcomes uncertainties, unfair trade practices, currency devaluations, government bail out’s and always continues to find ways to compete.

So what is your company/ operation planning for the coming year? Are there any struggles you see or goals you would like to meet? Successful people working at these companies believe obstacles can turn into opportunities. Want to be on a winning team and be the best you can be? All you have to do is just say “yes, and!”